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    Monday, May 5, 2014

    Essential Chemicals for Pool Maintenance

    You couldn’t just expect your swimming pool to sit out in the sun and open air for months on end without it getting dirty. One essential part of keeping your pool clean, healthy and safe for your family’s use is the application of certain chemicals on it. Here are some examples of the most common substances that pool owners use:


    Chlorine is perhaps the most commonly used chemical in treating not only pools, but basically any type of water that needs a bit of sanitation. This chemical works by killing microorganisms and bacteria by destroying the lipids in the harmful microbes’ cell walls, eventually oxidizing them and rendering them harmless to humans and animals.

    pH Balancers

    Your pool’s pH levels should always be balanced, so its acid or alkalinity levels don’t rise too much for comfort. Chemicals like sodium bicarbonate (which is, essentially, household baking soda), can help in achieving this balance, thus also keeping your pool equipment from corroding.

    Additional Chemicals

    There are a lot of possible problems that could affect the safety and cleanliness of your pool. To respond to these threats, there are other chemicals that you could use – algaeicides for instance, kills algae, whereas enzyme cleaners get rid of any presence of scum rings around your pool surface, which are often cosmetic products that come off your skin and collect around the water.


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